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Wellington Armageddon

Just a reminder that Wellington e-Registrations close tonight for Wellington's Armageddon Cosplay contest. Please get them to me on time, I will email back immediately tonight (I have replied to everyone who has registered so far so if you haven't got notification please email again. I will also go through the spam folder and see if anything has wound up in there unexpectedly.

If you get a notification that the e-registrations have been closed then they are closed. You will need to hand them in at the Armageddon booth at the convention. If you can't come in in person see if you can get your forms to someone who is going to be there.

Remember the rules are to keep everyone safe including you, me, staff, guests and other attendees of the convention. I do wish the rules could be enforced on the public in general (no wearing umbrellas pointy side up across your backpack!) but it can't. However, this way, if any incident occurs we can all say "'t weren't us guv!"

The time limit will be enforced. We have not been able to source a light timer device but one of us will have a stop watch and do hand signals (or some other unobtrustive sign) at the "wrap it up" point" (50 seconds for solos and 1.50 mins for groups) there will be a grace period for those who have genuine issues (and to stop people stressing about the time limit and so forgetting lines etc.) but anyone who goes over that will be penalised.
The time limit will not impact on time to talk with the judges. This will in fact allow us to ask more questions. Please be prepared to do skits first so we can keep better track of time.

We are supposed to have a better space to work in this year which I am going to look at on Friday. The anime events and anime screenings are held in different rooms so please check the schedule carefully.
Saturday 2pm-4pm Cosplay panel, anime events room. Informal rough guide to sewing and armour techniques etc.
Sunday 1pm on Cosplay judging round, anime events room.
Sunday 4pm-5pm Cosplay contest presentation, main stage.

If you have any special needs such as to be judged earlier or later please include that in your forms.

Thanks to those already registered, it's going to be a great event and very hard to judge as usual!
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