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Watchmen Partae!!

Ok folks, since only about 2 or 3 peeps are interested in going to the Screening of Watchmen, I was thinking...


Now, as I have to organise this...I am thinking about having it here in Hastings...but as there are hardly any cosplayers in Hastings...I am torn, so reply with where you would want to have it
Also, if we do have it in another town I will need a show of hands as to can help me with it...

Now, I know there are alot of little peeps here, as in under 18 little, but I am torn in the choice to make this Partae 18+, as everyone loves a Drunk Rorschach! (as shown in this video: HERE)

So, rules if this is going to happen:

  • (undecided on the Age limit)
  • You MUST come as Character from the Novel; If you do not know one, then check HERE
  • Bring food, even though there will be food there, I can't buy it all for you...lol
  • Bring your mates, but they too must be a character...
  • Any more Rules, will be posted as I think of them...

I also have no idea when this could happen, as its school time for most, so Ideas are welcome...

So, what do you think of this...you know you love it...you know you want to come...

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