Frock Chick (pinkdiamond) wrote in nzcosplay,
Frock Chick

AuckGeddon Cosplayers

Want to be involved in organising an event? Bill is wanting to set the schedule very soon. There are two rooms for anime this year: the anime screening room, exactly as it sounds and the animation events room. This is where the cosplay judging will be this year (judging will be in the morning this year to allow contestants time to rest and fix any costume/make up before the presentation on the main stage.

There will be a couple of hours available after the judging (should end about 1.30pm) and before the presentation of the awards (4pm on the main stage) due to the new schedule and this would be an opportunity to get together and put on those long skits that cannot be presented on the main stage. I will be wanting a rest and a chance to make sure the judging process is as fair as it can be so do not want to be in charge of anything besides the cosplay contest that day.

So if you want to make use of the opportunity to put on a longer skit please contact Bill via the Pulpexpo website. Also there may be other time in the room availble on other days so if you have a serious plan it might be worthwhile asking about that then as well.
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