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Steampunk Event...

Now, if you are not over at the NZ Cosplay Boards - Here - then you should join up and join in :D

Right now, we are working on sorting a Steampunk Event in Auckland. Here is a page on Steampunk Fashion and Here is one on Steampunk in General if you do not know what it is :D

So far we have decided on the 21st of November 2009, as most (if not all) of the people attending so far have to make some items from scratch, and Armageddon is way too close to start on other things that are so close after it...

A suggestion was put forward to hang out Here for the day, taking Pictures and just having fun in general :D

So who is interested? You? You and a Friend? Your Friend? Your dog? Comment on what you think and if you would be interested :D


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